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Glovo vs Uber Eats, Which is Better?

Both Glovo and Uber Eats are convenient and reliable food delivery services I can recommend to anyone, but is there the better of the two? Technically, yes, depending on everyone’s preferences. The availability of specific restaurants and delivery times can vary between the two platforms,

In Nairobi, the delivery riders work across all the delivery apps. So, don’t expect a different delivery experience between Uber Eats and Glovo just because you ordered from one or the other. You might just encounter the same rider regardless of the app you use.

Uber Eats vs Glovo

Before we go into the merits of each app, it’s worth noting that both these apps, however, have the same issue. Sometimes, riders try to save on fuel by delivering multiple orders together.

So, if you place an order and it’s ready to go, they might hold off until a few more orders come in before hitting the road. That wait could take around an extra 20-30 minutes.

Plus, there’s no guarantee your order will be delivered first—it depends on the delivery route. So, picture this: your order is the first one ready but ends up being dropped off last. By then, it’s probably cold and not in the best shape.

Delivery Service Options

Winner: Glovo

When it comes to delivery services, Glovo goes beyond just food. They offer a diverse range of deliveries, including groceries, green groceries, pharmaceuticals, packages, pet supplies, and even courier services.

Moreover, Glovo introduces a unique category called “Anything,” allowing users to request the delivery of any legal item within the courier’s size and weight limits. On the other hand, Uber Eats exclusively focuses on restaurant food orders.

App User Interface

Winner: Glovo

While it’s important to note that user experience can vary based on personal preference, I find Glovo to be more intuitive and user-friendly with a well-designed UI.

The thoughtful layout of options and the colorful, easily navigable interface make ordering through Glovo a seamless and enjoyable process. However, it’s worth mentioning that both apps serve their purpose effectively, and individual preferences may differ.

Delivery Fee

Winner: Glovo

When it comes to delivery fees, Glovo emerges as the clear winner. The delivery fee on Glovo varies depending on the distance from the restaurant. In my experience, I’ve seen fees as low as KSh 49 for a restaurant just 5 minutes away, and as high as KSh 209 within the delivery zone.

On the other hand, Uber Eats charges a flat fee for delivery, which may not always be as favorable. For instance, for the same restaurant and a distance of 400 meters, Uber Eats charges KSh 50.

However, for distant deliveries, such as a restaurant 10km away, the fee can skyrocket to KSh 400. This disparity in pricing makes Uber Eats less appealing for longer distances.

Uber Eats Delivery Fee Nairobi

While Uber Eats may be reasonable for short distances, the exorbitant fees for distant restaurants make it less favorable compared to Glovo, which caps its delivery fees at around KSh 200. Ultimately, Glovo provides more consistent and reasonable pricing across varying distances.

Restaurant Options

Winner: Uber Eats

When it comes to the number of restaurants available, both Uber Eats and Glovo offer a diverse and reasonable selection. However, in the Nairobi region, Uber Eats seems to have a slight edge with a larger variety of options compared to Glovo.

It’s worth noting that this might vary in other cities, so it’s always a good idea to check both platforms for the best selection.

Delivery Speeds

Winner: Glovo

Delivery time: Glovo is known for its faster delivery times, while Just Eat and Uber Eats typically take longer to deliver. This is based on my personal experience

Regarding the estimated time of arrival (ETA), it’s worth mentioning that Uber Eats doesn’t provide this information upfront. While Glovo does offer ETAs for orders, Uber Eats’ ETA is typically not extremely accurate, though it’s generally not significantly off either.

This means there might be some variability in delivery times, but it’s usually within a reasonable range.

Discounts & Promo’s

Winner: Uber Eats

Uber Eats emerges as the winner in terms of first-time user discounts and ongoing promotions. For first-time orders on Uber Eats, users can enjoy a generous 60% discount on the total amount, which is quite enticing.

Additionally, Uber Eats offers constant ongoing promotions that are often more attractive compared to Glovo.

On the other hand, while Glovo provides discounts for new users, it’s limited to free delivery without additional percentage discounts.

Therefore, considering the combination of initial discount offers and ongoing promotions, Uber Eats takes the win in this category.

Customer Satisfaction & Feedback

Winner: Glovo

Both Glovo and Uber Eats are commendable apps, each excelling in its way and catering to different user preferences. However, when it comes to customer satisfaction and feedback, Glovo takes the lead.

A quick look at the ratings on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store reveals that Glovo boasts an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on feedback from approximately 1.5 million users.

On the other hand, Uber Eats trails slightly behind with an average rating of 4.2 stars, gathered from a larger user base of around 5.3 million users.

It’s important to note that while Uber Eats has more reviews, this can sometimes lead to a lower average rating due to a wider range of opinions.

Nonetheless, Glovo’s consistently high rating suggests a higher level of customer satisfaction overall, making it the preferred choice in terms of user feedback.


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