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The Daily Cafe & Bistro-Nairobi Menu, Prices & Review

This post entails a menu overview and review of Daily Cafe & Bistro. This review is specific to the Sarit branch but the experience should be the same across all other locations. A cafe and bistro combines elements of both, offering a wide range of beverages like a cafe, as well as more substantial meals like a bistro.

A bistro is a small, casual restaurant (not a fine diner) that typically serves simple, reasonably priced meals in a relaxed atmosphere. The concept originated in France, where bistros were known for their homely, often rustic environment(woody and greenery) and straightforward meals.


Daily Cafe & Bistro has 4 locations across Nairobi as of 2024.

  • Sarit Centre -Westlands
  • Argwings Kodhek Rd
  • Gigiri
  • Jalaram-Westlands


The Daily Cafe Sarit

I’ve tried the coffee, cakes, and a cocktail here (no judgment!), and I highly recommend this spot, whether you prefer to sit inside or outside. As a cafe and bistro, the food should be better than your average cafe, and I actually recommend trying the food here.

Smoking is permitted outdoors, and there’s a band that plays in the courtyard on Thursdays. Plus, they have happy hour every day from 5 PM to 7 PM.


Their coffee is quite decent—not the best I’ve ever had, but certainly a cut above what you’d find at places like Java or Artcaffe. It’s less bitter and boasts more depth in its flavors. I opted for an Americano, as it provides a good baseline for judging the quality of the coffee.

To truly distinguish good coffee, you need to have tried a lot of it. Generally, this coffee smells pleasant with fruity notes, has a dense flavor, and is strong and punchy.

The Americano here is noteworthy; it’s similar to espresso but with a less sticky taste and a softer mouthfeel. This makes it perfect for those who enjoy black coffee and want something larger than a single espresso shot to savor over time.


The pastries are generally acceptable, though not particularly outstanding. The most disappointing one for me was the chocolate muffin. Although it was served warm and in a great portion, the texture was somewhat off-putting, resembling that of a sponge. The flavor, however, was decent and had its merits.

While some people might enjoy this lighter, spongier texture, I personally prefer muffins with a denser, more substantial feel. If you are a home baker aiming for this light texture, it can be achieved by using cake flour, thoroughly sifting your ingredients, and taking care not to overmix the batter.

This method results in a lighter and more airy muffin, which, while not to my personal taste, may be appreciated by others.

Customer Service

Customer service was so decent for a cafe and is now on par with Artcaffe if not better. The outside sitting is all cool and breezy until maybe it starts raining is when you will regret your choice of spot.

The staff are a mix of everything good: attentive, friendly and professional


Daily Cafe Inside Space
Daily Cafe Inside Space
Daily Cafe Outside Space
Daily Cafe Outside Space

The restaurant is conveniently situated in the mall, right on the ground floor near the entrance, making it easily accessible. The ambiance and decor are quite charming, with a beautiful green theme that adds a refreshing touch to the place.

At the Sarit location, the restaurant spans both the first floor and the ground level. The seating is comfortable and well-suited for a coffee shop, providing a cozy spot to relax.

However, the space isn’t particularly large and can sometimes feel a bit cramped. Despite this, it doesn’t detract significantly from the overall experience, and it remains a pleasant place to enjoy a meal or a coffee.

Daily Cafe & Bistro Menu

The menu here is comprehensive and exhaustive however, One problem with this place not all items on the menu are served or available at all times, this can be a little frustrating if you really want something specific

1. Beverages & Pastries

Daily Cafe | Breakfast Menu
Full Breakfast Menu
Daily Cafe | Cakes, Tea & Coffee Menu
Hot Beverages & Cakes
Daily Cafe | Cold Beverages Menu
Cold Beverages
Daily Cafe | Salads & Pastries
Salads & Pastries

2. Food Menu: Starters & Mains

Daily Cafe
Daily Cafe
Daily Cafe
Daily Cafe


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