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Burger Review: Between Two Buns Nairobi

In this post, we’ll sample and evaluate the trending oversized burgers from Between Two Buns eatery in Kahawa Sukari to determine their worth. Additionally, we’ll provide an overview of the complete menu offerings available at the establishment.

Between Two Buns Nairobi

Between Two Buns Overview Review

As for its whereabouts, it’s situated in a rather peculiar spot within the Kawaha Sukari neighborhood. 

The closest recognizable landmark is Quickmart Supermarket. If you’re approaching from the Thika Superhighway towards Kahawa Sukari, you’ll find Between Two Buns on the right side of Quickmart. Follow the narrow, uneven road for about 500 meters, and you’ll arrive at your destination.

The restaurant itself occupies an unusual space that resembles an apartment building. It’s situated on the first floor, easily accessible via stairs.

The establishment appears worn out, with even the menus showing wear and tear. The seating is subpar, lacking the comfort one might expect from a typical restaurant. It seems clear that little effort has been put into maintaining the overall appearance.

However, this lackluster exterior might actually be indicative of something positive—perhaps their focus is entirely on the quality of their food rather than on superficial decor.

Unlike many upscale establishments in  Nairobi that prioritize aesthetics, Between Two Buns seems to prioritize food quality.

Personally, I’ve always believed that the quality of the food should take precedence over ambiance and decor. While the lack of atmosphere might not bother me, those who seek out Instagram-worthy locales might be disappointed. 

Between Two Buns isn’t striving to be visually appealing; its sole focus is on delivering exceptional food, and I can respect that decision.

Let’s do some detective work on whether the food justifies these compromises. Ultimately, we’ll determine whether it’s worth going out of your way to visit this establishment or if it’s simply another overhyped  Nairobi restaurant fueled by internet buzz.

Between Two Buns Menu 

Between Two Buns | All Out Burger Menu
Between Two Buns | All Out Burger Menu
Between Two Buns | Starter & Sides Menu
Between Two Buns | Starter & Sides Menu
Between Two Buns | Burger Menu
Between Two Buns | Burger Menu
Between Two Buns | Tacos & Subs
Between Two Buns | Tacos & Subs
Between Two Buns | Fries Menu
Between Two Buns | Fries Menu
Between Two Buns | Breakfast Menu
Between Two Buns | Breakfast Menu

Food & Drink Review

Between Two Buns Nairobi, Receipt

Overall, the food meets expectations, and the prices are wallet-friendly, catering to a range of budgets. 

For this review, I  opted for the deluxe burgers—the Lolita and Stack Attack—along with sampling some cocktails.

1. The Lolita Burger

Price: KSH 1,350

Lolita Burger | Between Two Buns
Lolita Burger | Between Two Buns

The Lolita burger stood out as the most Ludacris item on the menu, boasting an abundance of ingredients; It’s like they gathered every meat in existence and piled it onto a bun.

 It’s a monstrous creation that shouldn’t even exist, but I respect it (because who needs normal when you can have outrageous, right?)

It is guaranteed to send your cholesterol levels soaring just at the sight of it—essentially a burger with every meat imaginable, but lacking in the vegetable department.

The protein lineup includes chicken breast, two pork fillets, one beef patty, and a generous serving of bacon. 

Surprisingly, they didn’t skimp on the cheese—unlike some places like Big Square. The burger is practically dripping with molten cheese and sauces.

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Tasting each component individually, the bacon steals the show with its incredible tenderness, although it’s not as crispy as I’m accustomed to. 

The pork fillet, on the other hand, is less exciting, being a bit chewy and lacking in flavor. The chicken breast impresses with its crispy exterior and tender interior.

The burger patties themselves are juicy, moist, and bursting with flavor—no dryness to be found here. 

However, the burger buns are the letdown of the ensemble. Over-toasted to the point of being charred. (Whoever toasted them must have been aiming for charcoal);  particularly noticeable on the top bun where a visible black ring forms from the bottom. 

Beyond the charring, the buns are disappointingly dense and chewy, a far cry from the light, fluffy, and airy texture one expects from burger buns.

Whenever I hear an oversized burger, without even taking a glance, the first thing I can picture in my mind is a soggy bun, these buns surprisingly are really solid and don’t sog up.

I guess that is the only good thing about them, maybe the over-charring I complained about above has a purpose, just maybe.

2. Stack Attack Burger

Price: KSh 1,200

Stack Attack Burger | Between Two Buns
Stack Attack Burger | Between Two Buns

Ah, onto option number two in the “break the bank with burgers” series.  This time, it’s the Stack Attack, a beefy behemoth featuring not one, but two beef patties—because apparently, one just won’t cut it. But here’s the kicker: no chicken in sight.

Now, before you start mourning the absence of poultry, you still get the double dose of pork fillets and a mountain of bacon. 

And hey, they even tossed in some coleslaw this time for good measure, because nothing says “healthy” like cabbage slathered in mayo.

But here’s where it gets interesting: they’ve dialed back on the cheese and sauce compared to its flamboyant cousin, the Lolita. 

So, essentially, it’s the same meaty madness as before, just with a few tweaks to keep it slightly affordable.

3. Triple Cocktails

Price: KSh 1,000 for 3

Cocktails | Between Two Buns
Cocktails | Between Two Buns

Their cocktails might not win any awards for being the best cocktails in town, but they’re decent enough, especially during happy hour where you can score three for 1,000 bob

Just don’t try to sweet-talk your way into a Long Island Ice Tea—that one’s off the happy hour menu.

There’s still a lineup to choose from, including lime mojitos, passion mojitos, whiskey gingers, screwdrivers, and hibiscus G&Ts.

The standout feature of these cocktails is the use of fresh ingredients—fresh leaves and lime wedges—which lends them a crisp and refreshing quality.


I would say this is not a fancy restaurant by any means, it is more like a carnivore’s paradise, it is totally worth the hype for the food quality and quantity. 

The worn-out appearance and lack of emphasis on decor might initially deter some, but therein lies its charm.

I would personally recommend Between Two Buns confidently.

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