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Burger King in Kenya Review

This post is an overview and review of Burger King Kenya menu items recommendations for those that are actually good and the ones that you should skip.

Burger King TRM
 Burger King TRM

Burger King is probably the most slandered fast food on Kenyan social media platforms.

In this post, we will try to see if the despise is justifiable, personally, I have issues with Burger King as they are the most terrible value you can get from any fast food restaurant in Kenya, but again I love at least half of their menu items and hate the other half

While most people hate Burger King, it’s still the third largest global fast food. However, in Kenya, it doesn’t have the presence of American rivals like KFC, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut.

Portion Size vs Price

Cheese Burger, Burger King

I love BK but I can’t keep defending them forever.

At Burger King, you order what looks like a pretty large burger, only to be presented with what looks like a kid’s size.  Everything is now snack size with a full-size price.

Cheeseburger Burger King

I don’t even know who buys their food regularly, the outlets are normally deserted, and when you walk in, they are happy to have you. Good thing you don’t have to wait very long for your orders and you get one of the best services of any fast food.

Personally, I visit once in a while to check some menus out and they are really consistent….consistent at making bland food.

The portions are way too small for the money. Maybe they don’t want you to get fat, thus the prescription sizes, making the prices ridiculous for the quantity and quality combined.

Fries portions are actually insulting, in case you thought KFC fries were stingy, then buckle up.

There is no combo meal I have ever gotten full from at BK, and that…. doesn’t feel worth any money.

Their burgers are so flat and sometimes with a non-existent bulge, say the long chili cheese for 900, that is a steep price for a sandwich of that size. But does the taste make up for the money since the size can’t? Also no.

Am I being a little harsh? Again No. I won’t just hate Burger King since it’s cool to hate them.

That is why I’m going to recommend good menus, and also mention the bad ones so that you decide on your own. I’m open-minded so no biases.

Bad Menu Items

Burger King Fish Sandwich
Burger King Fish Sandwich

These are menus that are so bad they shouldn’t exist; at least according to personal experience and research.

Generally, I would say BK’s food doesn’t taste that bad and not so good for the most part either. It is just some bland food, the only thing you can taste is the cheese and their good sauces.

Anything with fish from BK will likely be revolting because it is not a common menu, you will be getting a fish patty that has probably been sitting there for hours, and who even knows? Days maybe?

Chicken sandwiches are mostly rubbery and underwhelming, never had any good chicken sandwich from Burger King ever

Depending on the burger, their buns are spongy, like extra spongy and they look like a krabby patty.

Fries are probably one of the worst; unsalted, unflavored, and the portions are stingy, I get visibly angry when I find out someone likes the fries from Burger King. 

While I hate BK’s fries, I find them light years ahead of abominations like the fries they serve at Big Square.

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Good Menu Items

Burger King Flavor

Where credit is deserved I have to give it, their food good or bad at least consistent, so you know what to exactly expect.

Burger King KE Onion Rings
Burger King KE Onion Rings

Onion rings are the best thing from BK, they are incredibly delicious, it’s like the only thing where they put all their dedication in. They smell heavenly, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the insides, you just can’t get enough of these. The only downside of getting them is they’re oilier than the fries.

Whoopers & Cheeseburgers are actually top tier, they are crusty on the outside, and soft and juicy on the inside, on each bite the patty bursts with flavor, and since they are flame-grilled, they have that smoky taste that is really good if you.

burger king double cheeseburger

The subtle open-flame grilling flavor of the Whopper patties is simply superior to most other fast-food chains.

Bacon in anything is exceptional, one of the best bacon you will get from fast food, super crispy!

Cookies are actually good, I mean it’s not easy to get bad cookies anywhere as they are not easy to mess up.

Hamburgers are actually good but they are small, they don’t even look real, but a good deal for the price.

Their toppings for everything are actually good, good sauces especially ketchup and mayo, and one of the best pickles, and cheeses of any fast food. The cheese at Burger King is something else, probably one of the best I have ever had in a burger/sandwich

Burger King KE Whooper With Extra Bacon & Cheese
Burger King KE Whooper With Extra Bacon & Cheese


Most fast foods are better than Burger King in value aspects, I can’t recall a bad experience except for Pizza Inn which is a pizza place, ooh I forgot about Subways, I even forgot that still exists.

I wouldn’t term Burger King as terrible, but more of an underwhelming, and bad value for your money, while some menu items have issues, you still can enjoy Burger King by basing the above recommendations.

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