You are currently viewing Burger King Kenya 2024 Menu with Prices

Burger King Kenya 2024 Menu with Prices

This post is primarily on the menu items offered at Burger King Kenya outlets, and their prices: This applies to;

  1. Burger King Two Rivers Mall
  2. Burger King TRM
  3. Burger King Nextgen Mall
  4. Burger King The Hub Karen 
Burger King Kenya
Burger King Kenya

Burger King Menu Categories

  1. Beef Meals
  2. Chicken Meals
  3. Snacks
  4. Salads
  5. Dessert
  6. Drinks 
  7. Kid’s Meal
  8. King Savers

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 Menu Items & Pricing

Burger King Kenya Menu with Prices
Burger King Kenya Menu with Prices
Burger King Kenya Menu Whopper Wednesday
Whopper Wednesday

1. Flame-Grilled Beef Meals

This is self-explanatory, all menus contain beef or beef products. They include the legendary whopers, beef sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and so on. 

They are optioned as single sandwiches/ burgers or combo meals. Combos generally come with soda and fries on the side.

  •  Whopper: KSh 720
  •  Whopper Combo: KSh 980
  •   Double WhopperKSh 870
  •   Double Whopper Combo:  KSh 1,200
  •  Whopper Junior: KSh 480
  •  Whopper Junior + Fries + Soda: KSh 740
  •  Steakhouse: KSh 840
  •  Steakhouse Combo: KSh 1,190
  •  Extra Long Chili Cheese: KSh 850
  •  Extra Long Chili Cheese Combo: KSh 1,140
  •  Big King: KSh 580
  •  Big King Combo: KSh 850
  •  Big King XL: KSh 1,080
  •  Big King XL Combo: KSh 1,280
  •  Double Cheeseburger: KSh 560
  •  Double Cheeseburger Combo: KSh 870


Burger King Whopper
Burger King Whopper

Whopper is not only the most iconic beef menu but in the Burger King menu. It is one of the biggest burgers you can find on the menu

I love it with cheese, it, however, doesn’t come with cheese by default, you have to option it as an extra for just +KSh 84 more, I think it is totally worth it. 

You can also option bacon for the same amount and you will have the best whooper.

The whopper is also optioned in a double fashion, where you get a double of everything, well except the buns, you get two beef patties instead of one.

A whopper junior on the other hand is the same thing but on a smaller scale, it’s essentially a kid’s meal.

Steak House

 A steak house is basically a burger with one patty, tomato slices, fried onions, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce (instead of ketchup), cheddar cheese and bacon as toppings

The crispy fried onion gives it the crunch while BBQ sauce adds smokiness to the already flame-grilled patty.

Extra Long Chili Cheese

Extra long chili cheese is the most generic menu item; as the name literally describes it.

It is not a burger but more of a sandwich, it is not rounded but elongated, it consists of two beef patties, with cheese, and I mean alot of cheese compared to other menu items with cheese, this is probably why it has that on its name.

The chili aspect is mild even though your spice tolerance is low, you should be fine it is just jalapenos.

Big King

While a whopper consists of one big patty, the Big King has two small patties and uses American cheese,  lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and a special Burger King stacker sauce.

Double Cheeseburger

BK's  Double Cheeseburger
BK’s Double Cheeseburger

Cheeseburgers here are optioned double, so you get two patties, two slices of melted American cheese, pickles, mustard, and ketchup as sauces. 

The double cheeseburger is decent when done correctly, but sometimes you might be ripped off and get one slice of cheese.

2. Chicken Meals

  •  Tendercrisp Chicken: KSh 900
  •  Tendercrisp Chicken Combo: KSh 1160
  •  Crisp Chicken: KSh 550
  •  Crisp Chicken Combo: KSh 780
  •  Long Chicken: KSh 700
  •  Long Chicken Combo: KSh 950
  •  Long Chili Cheese Chicken: KSh 860
  •  Long Chili Cheese Chicken Combo: KSh 1,140

3. Snacks

BK's Onion Rings
BK’s Onion Rings
  •  King Wings 6pc: KSh 760
  •  King Wings 9Pc: KSh 1,000
  •  King Wings 12Pc: KSh 1,200
  •  Chicken Nuggets 6Pc: KSh 560
  •  Chicken Nuggets 9Pc: KSh 750
  •  Chicken Nuggets 12Pc: KSh 950
  •  King Onion Rings 6Pc: KSh 250
  •  King Onion Rings 9Pc: KSh 310
  •  Chili Cheese Bites 4Pc: KSh 320
  •  Chili Cheese Bites 6Pc: KSh 420
  •  Chili Cheese Bites 9Pc: KSh 540

Chili Cheese Bites are mostly out of stock, so good luck finding those. As for onion rings, they are my favorite item from the entire Burger King Kenya menu, so good!

4. Salads

  •  Delight Salad: KSh 550
  •  Crunchy Chicken Salad: KSh 800

5. Drinks

  •  Water 500ml: KSh 120
  •  Soda 500ml: KSh 150

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6. Desserts

  •  King Fusion Oreo: KSh 400
  •  King Fusion KitKat: KSh 400
  •  Sundaes: KSh 260
  •  Ice Cream Cones: KSh 110
  •  Milkshake Small: KSh 280
  •  Milkshake Medium: KSh 380
  •  Milkshake Large: KSh 450
  •  Chocolate Donuts: KSh 200

Burger King Kenya Menu & Prices

Burger King Kenya Menu
Burger King Kenya Menu
Burger King Kenya Menu
Burger King Kenya Menu

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