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Bogani Probiotic Yoghurt Review (It’s Not That Bad)

Bogani is a brand of yoghurt, especially the probiotic type by Tatu Dairy that I have honestly never heard of before, whoever has had this yoghurt swears by it, but one person said they don’t like it so the curiosity got me to try it for myself. It is priced slightly lower than other probiotic yoghurts at just KSh 140

Bogani Vanilla Yoghurt

Bogani currently has two flavors vanilla and strawberry, the yoghurts are all probiotic as stated and they are different from regular yogurt as they have more benefits to the gut, they have special bacteria(cultures) that help with digestion and gut health, now let’s talk taste before everything


Upon opening the tub, the texture and consistency were a bit disappointing, even after a proper shake. The yoghurt didn’t look as homogeneous and creamy as expected.

Bogani Vanilla

The first sip revealed a subtle tanginess that was pleasantly different from other yoghurts I’ve tried. This tanginess wasn’t overpowering but added a unique character to the yoghurt.

However, the vanilla flavor was somewhat muted, making the dairy taste more prominent. Personally, I appreciate when the yoghurt’s base flavor isn’t overpowered by added flavors.

While the yoghurt was satisfactorily thick, it lacked the creaminess that some might prefer. Despite this, the texture was acceptable and didn’t detract from the overall experience.

Bogani yoghurt stands out for its tangy taste, which leaves no aftertaste—a definite plus. The sugar content is well-balanced, avoiding the overly sweetened taste common in many commercial yoghurts.


Bogani Yoghurt Nutritional Info

The impressive thing about Bogoni is the probiotics, they really have them packed here, quantities aren’t mentioned but they have 3 different bacteria strands with each offering a different benefit to the body

  1. Lactobacillus acidophilus: Known for improving digestion and boosting the immune system.
  2. Bifidobacterium: Helps alleviate bloating and discomfort, promoting a healthy gut.
  3. Lactobacillus rhamnosus (L. rhamnosus): Supports the immune system and can reduce the occurrence of respiratory infections.

These probiotics make Bogani a great option for those looking to improve their gut health naturally. Instead of relying on probiotic supplements, incorporating probiotic-rich foods like Bogani yoghurt into your diet can be a more enjoyable and effective approach.


Bogani probiotic yoghurt may not be the best-tasting probiotic yoghurt on the market, but it excels in delivering health benefits.

The unique tangy flavor and the presence of beneficial bacteria make it a worthwhile addition to your diet. Instead of relying solely on supplements, getting probiotics from foods like Bogani yoghurt is a natural and enjoyable way to support your gut health.

In conclusion, I recommend Bogani probiotic yoghurt for its health benefits, though there’s room for improvement in terms of taste and texture. It’s a great product for those prioritizing probiotic intake and overall gut health.

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