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Blue Band Choco is Back, And It is Actually Good

This post is an overview and a brief review of the new  Blue Band chocolate spread known as  Blue Band Choco.

Blue Band Choco is back! Who am I kidding, I’m not that excited, I’m a grown-up. Well, well, well 2005 is back, after failing us( 90s kids) for almost two decades it’s back. I can’t believe I saw Blue Band Choco before GTA VI

I used to make Mum buy this whether she liked it or not. Those were some great times… when Blue Band Choco ruled the shelves. Never lasted though.

Well, you might think the idea of margarine and chocolate to be an atrocity in your imagination,( and I agree) but no it’s not. 

It makes sense to raise eyebrows since chocolate and margarine hardly share a spotlight, unless occasionally in baking cookie recipes.

This  Blue Band Choco is a low-fat spread, meaning if you use the already existing low-fat option (with a light blue lid), this is more of the same thing in terms of fat content.

It says it is made from real cocoa on the packaging, meaning it should taste better than anything cocoa-flavored. It is also fortified with 5 vitamins, probably aiming to offer some nutritional benefits alongside being a sweet creamy treat.

Blue Band With Choco
 Blue Band With Choco


It actually tastes better than an average chocolate spread from Dairyland, as Blue Band Choco has that creaminess of a margarine. It’s not as velvety smooth as Nutella, but it sits comfortably in that middle ground – decently tasty.

For some reason, I imagine the older one tasted better than this, or it’s just nostalgia that always makes everything from the past better, it just has a way of painting memories in a golden hue.

It is like that high school DIY Breaking Bad style combination; where you would sprinkle drinking chocolate or Milo to your  Blue Band, throw in a few crystals of sugar, and give it a good mix. But the texture was always off, this is like that but creamier and smoother.

Just tried it on toast, and it really compliments very well.  Blue Band Choco having chocolate means it is a little sweet, the sweetness is just noticeable, so pairing it with toast which is already sweet makes it a sweet snack.

Also, the creamy consistency of Blue Band Choco effortlessly melds with the porous surface of the toast, ensuring each bite delivers a balanced explosion of flavors and textures.

Size & Price

Not so sure if it is back for good, or if it is just a limited-time treat, but it was there all stocked in plenty.

Blue Band Choco

If you’re on the hunt for this nostalgic classic, you’ll find it exclusively in 500g tubs – no smaller sizes for the hesitant or larger ones for the enthusiasts. 

Priced at approximately KSh 300, as the introductory price, may go higher when officially launched or when ads start running.

But for now, amidst the uncertainty of its longevity,  Blue Band Choco sits comfortably on Carrefour’s shelves, inviting curious shoppers to rediscover its unique taste. Whether it’s back for good or merely gracing us with a brief visit, as a limited-time treat.


What sets  Blue Band Choco apart is its distinctiveness. It’s not trying to imitate or outdo other chocolate spreads; instead, it proudly stands on its own, offering a taste that’s different yet comforting.  

It’s a gentle reminder that sometimes, innovation comes from unexpected combinations, and that taste, much like life, is about evolving.

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