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BIG Square Menu, Photos & Restaurant Review

This is a review of Big Square restaurant in Garden City but being a chain restaurant, expect the same consistency across their other branches. They focus mostly on fast food such as burgers and ribs, but are more of a restaurant than a fast food outlet.

Big Square has one of the best modern touches from a chain fast food establishment, the restaurant is all see-through glass, and they have a patio in case you wanna dine while feeling the breeze outside.

If you are all about Pizza, Big Square’s pizza is sold under a different brand but within the same restaurant called Pizza Mojo, they, however, operate as a single entity and can order from both

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This is an honest and personal review, as there will be compliments and complaints about Big Square. So you know it’s bias-free and not sponsored. 

The criticisms are just constructive feedback for the restaurant to consider improving on as there is no perfect restaurant.


  1. BIG Square Locations
  2. Ambiance & Atmosphere
  3. Pricing & Value
  4. Menu & Dishes
  5. Food & Drink Experience
  6. Service
  7. BIG Square Full Menu

BIG Square Locations

CBD: ●Moi Avenue, ●Standard Street

Malls: ●Garden City, ●Junction Mall, ●Two Rivers

Others: ●Lavington, ●Wilson Airport, ●Ad-Life Plaza, ●Mountain View

Ambiance & Atmosphere

Ambiance Rating:  ★★★★☆(4)

Big Square Atmosphere

The ambiance hits a nice mark – it’s good but not the kind that screams Instagram-worthy. It’s a pleasant spot, not overly basic but not at the top for photo ops either. 

The lighting’s good, keeping things well-lit, and the minimalist theme works; not too much happening, which I like.

The color scheme’s impressive, with a great mix of white, maroon, and orange that contrasts really well. Big thumbs up for the white table surfaces, it speaks volumes about their cleanliness standards.

As for the seats, they’re right – nothing extraordinary, just your typical seating. But the spacing between tables could be better. You might catch snippets of others’ conversations, which can be distracting.

Big Square Interior

The outlet is nicely illuminated, and most branches have glass walls to let in natural light, which adds to the ambiance. However, this openness might not suit those seeking privacy. 

As for the outdoor seating, it’s pretty basic – just a setup with chairs and tables, nothing too fancy to be honest.

Pricing & Value

Value Rating: ★★★★★(5)

The prices at Big Square aren’t the cheapest. For a decent meal per person, you’re looking at around KSh 2,000. Of course, you can spend less, but that’s the sweet spot. 

If you’re heading there for a date and not holding back, expect to shell out between KSh 4,000 and 5,000. 

But hey, on the value front? It’s worth it! The portions are massive—you’ll practically need a takeout box, or you might leave feeling a bit stuffed, to put it mildly, or even constipated (to put it boldly)

Menu & Dishes

Food Rating:  ★★★★☆(4)

BIG Square QR Code Menu
BIG Square QR Code Menu

Big Square’s menu is huge, seriously. It’s got everything from breakfast to dinner, plus drinks, including the boozy kind. 

Eleven pages—talk about options! But you know what steals the show? Burgers and ribs. They’re the real stars of the whole shebang!

Among the shenanigans of all restaurants having only QR-code menus, they actually have physical menus as an option! Extra points for that.

Check the full menu at the end of this post.

Food & Drink Experience

Here is a review of the individual menu items, especially the common ones

  1. Burgers
  2. Ribs
  3. Fries
  4. Cocktails

1. Burgers

Burger Rating: ★★★★☆(4), Good

Biggie Burger | Big Square
Biggie Burger | Big Square

Big Square’s burgers are pretty good, almost excellent, except for one thing—they’re a bit stingy with the cheese. 

These burgers are beefy, bold, and have that smoky, probably flame-grilled flavor. You can definitely taste that the patties are freshly made, nothing like the processed or frozen ones you’d find at Burger King.

For me, the Double Cheese Biggie is like the equivalent of The Krabby Patty Deluxe or Double Triple Bossy Deluxe from Spongebob. The patties themselves are tender, tasty, and flavorful, though they’re not as juicy and lean a bit towards the drier side, which isn’t a major issue.

Now, they use square buns because, well, their name is literally Big Square. But honestly, this burger is so massive that you mainly taste the five beef patties; the bread and everything else seems to fade into the background.

Sure, there are onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese in there, but when you take a bite of the whole thing, they’re pretty insignificant compared to the overwhelming beefy goodness.

Biggie Burger | Big Square

That burger is massive, almost impossible to fit in your mouth all at once. You’ve got to deconstruct it or use cutlery—it’s a messy ordeal.  But hey, it’s filling, tasty, and definitely worth the money. Overall, a  messy but satisfying experience

2. Ribs

Ribs Rating: ★★★★☆(4), Good

Pork Ribs | Big Square
Pork Ribs

Ribs are what Big Square is known for, and you get to pick between pork or beef, and single or double-rack servings. 

They’re cooked to perfection, so tender they practically fall off the bone. With that sticky, smoky BBQ sauce and the herb garnish, they’re just incredible.

The size and meat portion of the ribs are great. However, for me, the only downside is that the pork ribs aren’t trimmed well of excess fat, so you might bite into that occasionally.

But overall, if you’re a ribs enthusiast, this is a solid menu choice. I’d totally recommend these to anyone with a hankering for some great ribs.

3. Chips (Fries)

Chips Rating: ★☆☆☆☆(1), Terrible

Chips, Fries |  Big Square

I’m not exaggerating when I say these fries are the absolute worst I’ve ever had. They are a monstrosity. I mean, they’re bad in every possible way. The street vendors have like 10x better fries.

Let’s break it down. First off, consistency is all over the place. Some pieces are dry and crispy, while others are soggy and damp. You can bet they taste completely conflicting, and yep, they do. The cuts are all irregular—some thick, some thin, some long, some short, and some are even like tiny pebbles.

Texture? Way off. They’re chewy and rubbery on the inside with just a thin crunch on the outside. And the taste? Even worse. They’re undercooked inside, tasting mushy like boiled potatoes. And get this, the potatoes aren’t even fresh. I had the unfortunate experience of encountering at least three mouthfuls of rotten fries.

Chips are supposed to be a side here, but honestly, they’re the absolute worst. Unless this was a one-time disaster, I wouldn’t recommend them at all.

However the chip dip sauce is the savior here, it is really good and tries to offset some of the imperfections of the fries, it is creamy and just rich; normally made from sour cream and mayo, lemon juice, and garlic.

Sauces | Big Square
Sauces | Big Square

4. Cocktails

Cocktails Rating: ★★★☆☆(3), Average

Passion & Pineapple Mojitos | Big Square
Passion & Pineapple Mojitos |

Big Square stands out from typical fast-food joints by offering a selection of alcohol, including beers, cocktails, and sangria. 

But let’s talk about their mojitos—they’re pretty basic. During happy hour, it feels like they skimp on the good stuff. I mean, the mint leaves on the bottom glass look like they’ve seen better days, definitely not the freshest pick.

Perhaps the most interesting thing, and what you probably care about is how strong they are; they are really potent; yes, zinashika! Just two glasses are good enough to make you lightly tipsy, they definitely don’t hold back on the strength.


Service Rating: ★★★★☆(4), Good

Service tends to be good overall, although it can vary based on the specific waiter or waitress you get. 

The food arrives surprisingly fast, and the staff is incredibly helpful when it comes to suggesting items or accommodating special requests. They’re quick to assist if you need anything extra.

The service here is just professional and doesn’t have that friendly touch like in Artcaffe outlets, which I adore.

Of course, this is not a fancy restaurant where you get that personalized service; it takes time for staff to attend to you initially, but once they do, everything moves pretty swiftly once they do.


So, at Big Square, it’s a bit of a mix. The place looks alright with good lighting, but the seating isn’t super private, and the outdoor area is just basic. 

Service depends on who’s serving you; some are super helpful, and  thers might take a while. 

Now, food-wise, the ribs are the real champs—tender and dripping in BBQ goodness. Burgers are massive and tasty, but they can be a bit dry and overwhelming. 

Fries? Meh, they’re all over the place in texture and taste. 

Cocktails, especially during happy hour, might not be the best. Overall, it’s a hit-and-miss kinda deal, but you’ll leave with a full belly and not totally disappointed.

BIG Square Full Menu 2024 

Big Square Breakfast Menu
Big Square Breakfast Menu
Big Square Hot Beverages Menu
Hot Beverages
Big Square Burger Menu
Burger Menu
Big Square Ribs Menu
Ribs Menu
Big Square Chicken Menu
Chicken Menu
Big Square Milkshakes, Ice Creams & Sundaes
Milkshakes, Ice Creams & Sundaes
Big Square Salads Menu
Big Square Burger/ Sandwich Menu
Burger/ Sandwich Menu
Big SquareIced Drinks
Iced Drinks

BIG Square Drinks Menu

Big Square Happy Hour Drinks Menu
Big Square Happy Hour Drinks Menu
Big Square Cocktails,Beer & Wine Menu
Cocktails,Beer & Wine
Big Square Beer Cider Sangria & Wine Menu


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